When you may find certain items here absurd / offensive / stupid, that’s because:

  • 耶穌說:
    『主啊,我們甚麼時候見你餓了,給你吃,渴了,給你喝?甚麼時候見你作客 旅,留你住,或是你赤身露體,給你穿?又甚麼時候見你病了,或是在監裡,來看你呢?』 (聖經,馬太福音25:37-39)
  • Noam Chomsky說:
    The question, “What have I done?" is one that we may well ask ourselves, as we read each day of fresh atrocities in Vietnam—as we create, or mouth, or tolerate the deceptions that will be used to justify the next defense of freedom. (The Responsibility of Intellectuals 1967)
  • Rose Parker說:
    “Excuse me, but this is my life we’re dealing with so if you think I’m being a little harsh or not respectful, remember I’m fighting for my life."

一個回應 to “Disclaimer”

  1. Really nice style and design and excellent content , nothing at all else we need : D.



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