Dear Sir / Madam,

I learnt with shock from local Hong Kong media that you have disabled the facebook account of Ms Christina China, a University of Hong Kong student who has openly expressed her dissent against China’s Tibet policies. (Attached pictured published today on Apple Daily, one of Hong Kong’s most circulated newspapers).

Given the current circumstances, I strongly doubt that the above-said action was targeted at her political standing, or that Facebook has acted under political pressure from the Chinese government. Either case is utterly unacceptable. It’s a violent offense against freedom of speech. It also raises concerns about whether use of Facebook may bring about threats to personal safety.

As an active user, I demand a prompt explanation of the above-said action. I also demand your open clarification of whether you have any censorship policy against people holding different opinions in politics, religions or other contestable areas, and whether you work with any government in turning over users’ privacy and activity information or enabling/disabling users’ activities.

I can be reached via my own Facebook account, or the email address above.


cc/ Notes on my own Facebook account and my personal blog [URL] .

bcc/ A few of my personal friends.