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The question, “What have I done?" is one that we may well ask ourselves, as we read each day of fresh atrocities in Vietnam—as we create, or mouth, or tolerate the deceptions that will be used to justify the next defense of freedom.

Chomsky, The Responsibility of Intellectuals 1967

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Extended Readings

[1] The complete article is still accessible via
Very long, but definitely a classic for whoever claims to be an intellectual.

[2] Wikipedia briefly explains how this article unleashed a moral force that ripples through generations.

[3] About Noam Chomsky, my idol :) for his works in linguistics and politics

[4] And of course, Chomskyan fans should not shy away from criticisms against him. But interestingly, this entry under Wikipedia is now under special protection against sock puppets. Anyway, this should contain more then enough links and keywords for those interested to further pursue this topic.

And the [1] above did contains links to letters from readers that disagreed with Chomsky, and Chomsky’s responses thereto.